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Le Muse Events is a full service consulting & design firm, dedicated to detail planning process

and deliver sublime weddings and events. We are devoted to exceeding expectations by working closely with clients. 

Our extensive vendor relationships and experience would ensure everything

goes according to your expressed wishes. 

All masterpieces are exclusive and original, likewise is the story of each couple.


As designers, we believe that each event we design should be tailored to match the unique

sensibilities of our clients’ exact needs. We understand that getting married is a precious, magical journey in your life.

By hearing your thoughts, sort through your ideas, and help you conceptualize your vision

into scenes and design, it’s our honor to create weddings and events that are completely reflective to

your personal taste and personalities.


As planners, our goal is to support couples through wedding and event planning.

We take care all of the logistics, planning, paperwork, emails, phone calls and details every step of the way

so you may enjoy every special moment during the process, as well as your big day

with the people most important to you. 



We at Le Muse Events are honored to become a part of this incredible moment in your life and

delighted to take you by the hand on this exciting page of your journey. 

It would be our greatest pleasure to create an exceptional experience that speaks to you and your love ones,

brimming with memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s create an unforgettable memory for you by

get in touch with us and let us be a part of your wonderful life!

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