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We know that for you, top quality is only the beginning. Your wedding should include customized designs that amaze your guests and reflect your personal taste. If you’d like to celebrate your love in its most distinguished, personal form, you’d need more than a plan. With our most popular package, our in-house designers will work one-on-one with you to compose the ambience. You’d get to specify the style for the sign-in table, cake/dessert table, and wedding day stationeries. This includes everything in the full package, plus custom made decorations in all of these areas, and we cover all costs of materials and design. If you would allow us to take care of the handiwork, you’ll see a scene so delightful, it’d bring the most beautiful smile in the flush of love’s light out of you.

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Already have a plan? With enough time and talent, you would able to visualize and design your dream wedding. While you have the planning part done, we can carry out your design and materialize your dream in reality.  We would keep track of wedding day timeline, payment reminders, delivery schedules, catering menus, guest numbers and the going-on list and all details. This package focuses on finalizing your vision and taking care of venue and vendor management, month-of logistics and event day set up. We’d be ecstatic to see you take each footstep unhindered on this momentous day as you embark on a new journey. Let us help you along the way to complete the trek with serenity and happiness!

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For couples who want a complete, intimate wedding without having to sweat over minute details, this package covers everything, including full planning, design and coordination services, with romantic floral selections, amazing linens, perfect paper suites, creative escort card displays and gorgeous backdrops for you to choose from. We collaborate closely with all vendors to make sure their work resonates with the original aesthetics of your wedding, and make sure everything is ready and executed flawlessly on the big day, so you can celebrate your life’s most enchanting milestone with reassurance and confidence.

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You may have already secured the wedding and reception sites but need some assistance in finding the best deal for DJs; or you have some planning and decor ideas but aren’t sure about the florists; or you just want some options for photography. Our Day-of Services includes up to 20 hours of consultations where you decide what you need help with, whatever the areas may be. Our planners are experienced in all aspects of wedding and event planning and can guide you through the process according to your specific needs. It is our true desire to see every client throughout their journey to realize their dream wedding. Let us know how we can add a little sunshine to your masterplan!

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C U S T O M I Z E   F O R   Y O U


We love to design and create events like company anniversary party, baby showers, surprise proposal or whatever you have in mind!

Contact us for more detailed information.

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